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The Forex Market isn’t just sunshine and rainbows – it’s a frustrating and painful experience for all new traders entering the market.

It takes a serious amount of skill, patience, discipline – and so much more – in order to have a chance to succeed in this business.

Luckily for you, we are here to help! We will do everything to support you in becoming a consistent, profitable trader.




What’s Included:

12 Course Modules

Our program consists of 12 modules designed to educate you about forex trading. Each module will give you an extreme amount of value and knowledge. Every module put together will make you an awesome trader.

Trend Strategy


Reversal Strategy


Weekly Perspective

Each and every weekend, we will update our website with all the setups we find interesting for the upcoming week. 

Daily Watchlist

Each and every day, we will update the website with our personal analysis. Both follow-ups from the weekly perspective and new setups we see forming. 

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